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Business IT specialist Kilco deployed a cloud-based communications system from VIA to boost workforce productivity. The platform included a bespoke advanced call routing solution to benefit Kilco’s customers requiring out-of-hours assistance.


In light of a growth in business, Kilco wanted to replace its existing VoIP system with a new cloud-based solution that would improve internal communications, especially between its remote workers and those based at the company’s headquarters in Sheffield. In addition, Kilco required a bespoke and advanced call routing solution that could work alongside the unified communications platform outside of standard business hours.


Following in-depth discussions, Kilco chose to deploy a communications platform from VIA. The VIA UC solution - which incorporates Microsoft’s Skype for Business - allows employees to talk, instant message, email, video chat or take part in conferences using a variety of devices, such as landlines, smartphones, PCs, and tablets. By having a number of communication tools at their disposal, employees now work as a single cohesive unit, regardless of their location.

In addition, VIA’s team of experts built a tailored call routing solution for Kilco that integrates seamlessly with the VIA UC platform. Outside of standard business hours the solution automatically authenticates incoming calls from those clients that have signed-up for Kilco’s out-of-hours service. The call will then be seamlessly diverted to those engineers who are ‘on call’ for that particular evening or weekend, ringing their mobile phones simultaneously until the call is answered. 

Clients that have not opted into Kilco’s out-of-hours service have their calls sent to voicemail. Since adopting the bespoke software, Kilco has witnessed an increase in customer satisfaction levels from clients requiring assistance outside of standard business hours.

In addition, VIA Voice comes complete with a unique portal that allows real-time management, allowing Kilco to evaluate the usage and productivity of its employees, plus monitor costs.

We decided to replace our traditional VoIP system with VIA UC due to VIA’s ability to think outside of the box to develop additional innovative functionality that promotes efficiency and saves money. Many of our clients require out-of-hours assistance and the advanced call routing solution helps our engineers to react to enquiries more effectively.
Jack Browne, Information Security & Service Development Manager, Kilco


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