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Traderight deployed both VIA Trade and VIA UC to boost workforce productivity and enhance the connectivity between its team of traders in Chelmsford and its administrative staff based in London.


Traderight was seeking an innovative communications system to help connect its team of traders, based in Chelmsford, with the company’ administrative staff, located in London. Traderight was also looking to upgrade its existing hosted trading platform so its brokers could benefit from an advanced solution offering a richer set of features.


VIA Trade removes the need for an on-site traditional telephony network, thereby freeing up expensive space across the trading room floor. It combines VIA’s cloud-based infrastructure with the Speakerbus iTurret, the industry-leading dealer board.

As VIA Trade and VIA UC seamlessly integrate with one another, Traderight took the opportunity to completely overhaul its existing communications network, installing VIA Trade in Chelmsford and VIA UC in London.

During the two-day installation process, a direct and exclusive network connection was established between VIA’s data centres and the Chelmsford office. This dedicated link was connected to the iTurret devices, allowing the company to benefit from unrivalled levels of security and resilience.

At the same time, VIA UC was connected in London, as well as to the company’s remote workers. The solution, which incorporates Skype for Business, allows employees to talk, instant message (IM), email and video chat across a variety of devices, such as landlines, smartphones, PCs, and tablets, regardless of location. With brokers utilising VIA Trade for voice calls and Skype for Business for IM communications, along with back office employees using VIA UC, Traderight is enjoying the benefits of a joined-up UC platform.

The integration between the two cloud-based solutions, which can be both accessed remotely via an app for smartphones and tablets, ensures that Traderight is

equipped with a highly effective Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP), allowing the organisation to remain operational even if its offices were inaccessible for any given time. In addition, the platform incorporates voice and data recording to help ensure Traderight remains FCA complaint. 

When heard that VIA was teaming up with Speakerbus to develop a trader voice system we quickly took the decision to combine all communications across the business in order to increase the connectivity and productivity of our team. We now have in place an innovative, dependable and secure solution that offers full integration between office telephony and trading dealer boards.
Steven Blois, IT Manager , Traderlight


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