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VIA’s Network and Service

Security is built into everything we do

From its inception, our network has been designed and built with security at its very fundamental core.

Security is built into everything we do

From its inception, our network has been designed and built with security at its very fundamental core.

As an ISO27001 qualified organisation, we take security extremely seriously and constantly monitor our platform for any attacks. We have advanced multiple levels of virtual and physical security to protect from numerous attacks with Virtualised Firewalls to secure physical and virtual layers.



VIA’s Data Centre and Hardware

VIA’s Data Centre is state of the art and located strategically in Greater London. All data is physically stored in our UK Data Centre.

We use the latest generation of servers incorporating Intel Xeon E5-2650 processors which are highly energy efficient and powerful. All hardware is completely up to date with advanced new security features with no individual piece of equipment older than three years old. To protect against hard drive failure, all servers are configured with Physical Redundancy running RAID 5.



We guarantee 100% uptime for our network and have achieved this for the last four years. We have a financially backed SLA where we guarantee this uptime or will refund you. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more info.

As we run our own autonomous network, this gives us complete control as we do not piggyback on other company’s networks like some of our competitors.

VIA are proud to be a Full RIPE NCC Member, and we actively participate in their discussions & AGM's to help better the Internet and help foster the wider community. This also means we have our own ASN (AS34768) and our own, privately owned address space.

Superfast 10Gbps Network

Our network runs at 10Gbe. Our servers use 2 x bonded 10Gbe links, making the production network 20Gbe and all our carrier interconnects are operating at 10Gbe. This allows us to scale very quickly to accept any potential load.

Future-Proof Technologies

We've worked hard to ensure we always remain up to date, one of those commitments is to help with the exhaustion of IPv4 space by adopting IPv6 as early as possible. We have a /22 IPv4 allocation and a /29 IPv6 allocation.


100% Uptime and Financially backed SLA

We are very confident in offering a 100% uptime financially backed SLA.  We have had 100% network uptime for the last four years due to our market leading network.

If the Monthly Uptime Percentage falls below 99.9% for any given month, you may be eligible for the following Service Credit:

Monthly Uptime Percentage

Service Credit

< 99.9% - 25% service credit 

< 99% - 50% service credit 

< 95% - 100% service credit 


We offer free 24/7 UK based support for all of our customers and look to help you with any service issues you may have immediately.


We will contact you to arrange a 15 minute demo.

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