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Are you using Microsoft Teams internally? Based on what we are seeing with other customers who have been through this journey, a Microsoft Teams Health Check is often in order.

By Suzanne Whetton
Microsoft Teams Health Check

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A Teams Health Check is usually required for the following reasons:

  • Teams sprawl – we’ve noticed that when Teams has grown organically within an organisation, it can quickly become cluttered and unusable. Key identifiers for this could be too many Teams, low adoption rate, Team/Channel duplication.
  • Training – there are various user skill levels within Teams, the early adopters are fully immersed in Teams and those not that confident, that haven’t received training but are expected to use the platform by the people driving it.
  • Security – out of the box there are no restrictions on how Teams can be accessed. Are inappropriate files being placed in Teams? Which devices and from where are Teams and files being accessed and generally who has permissions to access the various Teams?

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Your organisation may have experienced some or all of the above with regards to your Teams deployment. In either case, we are offering Microsoft Teams Health Check Services to determine the following:

  • Governance – what measures can be put in place to control the creation and management of Teams?
  • Skill levels – how can we bring the entire organisation up to the same skill level to drive user adoption and maximise their experience?
  • Security requirements – what’s available within Office 365 to improve Teams security and how this can be deployed?
  • Teams structure
  • Current – how the current Teams estate looks?
  • Optimal – how the Teams estate should look?
Microsoft Teams

We've already done several Microsoft Teams Health Checks and boy were they needed! Here's some feedback from a recent MS Teams Health Check.

We uncovered a major lack of governance. A lot of teams have been created with only one user and it seemed that teams were being created as document store areas. Our advice and support will focus around restricting who can create teams, considering what the ideal Teams structure should and will look like, and putting a request form in place for creating new teams. We will streamline the current Team structure, which will make using teams much more user friendly and efficient.

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