Getting the Most Out of Microsoft Teams - Best Practice Webinar

By Suzanne Whetton
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Are you using Microsoft Teams internally?

Are you suffering from a lack of Training, Security Issues or Teams sprawl – where Teams becomes and cluttered and unusable?

Are you struggling to manage your organisation's Teams structure and in need of a governance plan?

Based on what we are seeing with some customers who use Microsoft Teams, a Health Check is often in order and we are here to help!

If your organisation has experienced some or all of the above with regards to your Teams deployment, we’ll be covering the below topics in our free Webinar:

  • Governance – what measures can be put in place to control the creation and management of Teams?
  • Skill levels – how can we bring the entire organisation up to the same skill level to drive user adoption and maximise their experience?
  • Security requirements – what’s available within Office 365 to improve Teams security and how this can be deployed?
  • Teams structure
  1. Current – how the current Teams estate looks?
  2. Optimal – how the Teams estate should look?

Join our upcoming Webinar with our experts Hugh Valentine & Alex Tebbs, who will show you the best practices to manage Microsoft Teams.

The Webinar is on 17th September, at 10:30 BST | 19:30 AEDT.

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