The Future of Skype for Business & Teams

VIA can announce that we will be offering MS Teams as a Unified Communication client in our future roadmap. VIA will be one of the first companies to support MS Teams as well as Skype for Business to give customers a choice on which client they use.

Recently there has been much inaccurate speculation about Skype for Business being phased out. This is untrue, Online Skype for Business will be replaced with Microsoft Teams. However, VIA will continue to offer and support Skype for Business.

This is positive news for customers as VIA has planned its telephony infrastructure so we can support both Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams, so customers can choose their preferred client with all the advanced telephony features that Microsoft and other vendors do not provide.

The recent developments from Microsoft will affect VIA’s offering for the better, and we will continue to offer the most advanced Unified Communication product on the market.

We will keep you informed of any updates going forward, and please get in contact if you would like to discuss anything further with a member of our team.

By Suzanne Whetton


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