Top 5 Features of the Microsoft Teams Mobile App

The average working day today is not spent sat at a desk with a computer. Flexible working is on the rise with employees constantly on the go, working from coffee shops, while commuting, at home and while mingling at networking events. This means the Teams experience on your phone is just as crucial as on your desktop.

There are many fantastic features in the Teams mobile app, but here are VIA's top five favourites.

By Suzanne Whetton

1. Transfer a call to your phone

With Teams you can seamlessly transfer calls from your PC or laptop to your mobile device, and visa versa. If you are expected on a call but your train has been delayed you can join the meeting and transfer to your desktop when you arrive in the office. Or, you're on a call which is overrunning and you need to leave to make your next appointment, transfer to your phone and stay connected. Calling in teams allows you to finish your work, stay connected and get to where you need to be.

MS Teams Transfer Call

2. Share content in a meeting

Imagine you are in a Teams meeting and the conversation flows onto a project you are working on. But you don't have your laptop with you. However, you have the project plan saved in Teams. You are able to share the project plan straight from your phone. You'll never need to say "I'll come back to you with that" or "I'll email it over to you later" when content is needed in a meeting again.

This feature is a lifesaver when you are away from your desk but still need to present content in a meeting or call. On Teams mobile you can present PowerPoint slides, videos, photos, or even share your phone screen to show someone exactly what you are looking at on your phone.

MS Teams Share Content

3. Send an audio message in chat

The ability to send audio messages in a chat is a fantastic alternative to typing and is often preferred by people in regions where multiple dialects are spoken. You can send a message when you are on the go, walking or are even make a coffee in the office. And unlike text, a voice message can help lend your unique personality and tone to the message.

Microsoft Teams Audio Message

4. Set quiet hours and quiet days

Setting personal boundaries with quiet hours and quiet days can help optimise your working hours, allowing you to take control of your work-life balance, stop notifications after working hours and relieve stress.

On Teams mobile, you can set “Quiet Hours” (for example, 7PM to 7AM) and “Quiet Days”(for example, Saturday and Sunday).

MS Teams Quiet Hours

5. Dark mode

Setting dark mode is a great way to reduce strain on your eyes, saves battery and is a great option for low light environments.

You can switch to and from dark mode by clicking Settings > Dark Theme.

MS Teams Dark Mode

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