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Maximise the value of every customer interaction.

By Suzanne Whetton

The one constant in Contact Centres is change. New disruptive technologies and shifting customer preferences impact inbound traffic, resulting in centres needing to constantly evolve in order to survive.

VIA Contact Centre

Undoubtedly the role of the call centre agent has changed. Contact centre employees now straddle multiple web chats, social media posts and emails, as well as answering calls. To maintain competitive advantage, contact centres need solutions that enable and engage employees, who hold the key to delivering the right customer experience.

As a result, contact centre managers are now charged with making many complicated business and management decisions. One of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks is workforce management, the process of forecasting call/contact volumes and scheduling agents to meet service level goals. With over 75% of budgets earmarked for personnel, effective workforce management is an economic necessity for a well-run contact centre.

The next generation of cloud workforce management for your contact centre

VIA WFM delivers a complete suite of easy to use, yet powerful Workforce Management cloud solutions. Accurate forecasting and powerful, optimised, multi-skilled schedules come as standard to support contact centres to deliver optimal customer experience whilst best supporting their frontline employees.

As one of the first cloud providers of WFM solutions our flexible service models allow our customers to gain a real competitive edge by having access to the latest WFM software and experts at the heart of their operations. This has enabled many centres to deliver the optimal service and customer experience which previously they would have been unlikely to budget for or achieve.

Workforce Management Forecasting

The VIA Workforce Management cloud site

VIA WFM provides an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform which can provide forecasting and scheduling for your entire contact centre workforce. It has established real-time and historic connectors to your contact centre platform and can provide several additional functions designed to increase agent retention and reduce administrative overheads.

  • Highly Intuitive and Easy to Use Solution – reducing customer investment in continuous knowledge transfer, initial training and consultancy
  • Fast, Accurate Forecasting – reclaim hours every day with our multi-skill forecasting tool, which will have you creating, editing and finalising demand for your contact centre in no time
  • Optimised Scheduling – schedule your agents, based on agent rules and skills, to be in the right place to deliver the best service level for your customers
  • Training – unlike competitors, our standard “most popular” option delivers in-person training and a welcome workshop at no additional cost. The focus being on customers’ success
  • 100% cloud-based platform – means customers only pay for what they use on a SaaS basis and software is always up-to-date with no ongoing upgrade support or maintenance costs

Workforce Management Real-time Adherence

Business Benefits

  • Improve customer service levels without increasing operating costs through reducing periods of under or critical overstaffing, matching agent skills with customer needs and anticipating cyclical requirements and turnover
  • Increase revenues through decreased abandonment and lower hold times, whilst increasing up-sell and cross-sell revenue
  • Improve productivity and morale of contact centre employees through clear goals and metrics, performance feedback, and greater schedule flexibility
  • Increase the consistency and quality of customer service across all contact channels
  • Free up time for what’s really important, including strategic planning

Workforce Management Scheduling

Typical Customer ROI

  • Reduce contact centre workforce cost by over 20% while maintaining service levels
  • Average of 30% increase in staffing efficiency - using WFM’s powerful forecasting, scheduling and monitored through real-time adherence
  • We can supply a Return on Investment document, estimating the cost savings of utilising WFM over Excel based scheduling or by replacing your current WFM vendor. WFM is an OPEX item, not a CAPEX item which makes it easier to justify

VIA Workforce Management

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