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Up and coming updates and changes to our Skype for Business platform, VIA Contact Centre, VIA Trade and the VIA Portal

June-July 2017

Meeting Entry Announcements - Currently a tone is played when an unknown party joins or leaves an audio conference. We will be introducing a new recorded voice message, when a party joins or leaves a conference. The party will be asked to record their name when they join each audio conference. 

Additional Region's - We will be adding local regions to allow us to provide a truly Global Service. North America (California) and Asia Pacific (Singapore) are being launched Q3 2017 with South America (Sao Paulo), North America (Washington D.C), Asia Pacific (Singapore) & Asia Pacific (Tokyo) following within the next 12 months.

Skype for Business Updates - The May 2017 Cumulative updates will be applied to the EU (London) Skype for Business pools. Testing has been completed and all tests passed. These updates provide Security, Performance and Reliability updates to the core Skype for Business Infrastructure.

Skype Web App Meeting Join Experience - The meeting join experience is improving. Users will be given clear instructions on how to join a Skype for Business Meeting using the Web App. The Skype Meeting Web App will no longer require administrative rights on the local machine to install.

Call Quality Dashboard - The VIA Call Quality Dashboard, currently named IO Dash will be pushed into BETA. IO Dash allows you to view the call quality information available from users' Skype for Business clients. This allows you to diagnose call quality problems yourself and resolve issues for end-users quickly. If you would like early access, please let us know and we will grant access on a case by case basis.

Updated VIA Portal Interface - The VIA portal interface has had a refresh, with greater user control.

VIA Contact Centre Wallboard - The VIA Contact Centre Wallboard will be launched. Allowing administrators and contact centre managers & supervisors to view and share live stats on your Call Queues and Agents.

Web Based Authentication for the VIA Portal - The VIA portal will now authenticate users using the familiar interface from the Skype for Business Client and the Support Centre. This ensures a familiar experience for all users across all VIA products and paves the way for Federated Sign-In using On-Premises or Cloud based Authentication methods in the near future.


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