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  • Hosted Benefits

    How does Skype for Business work?

    Modern Skype for Business platforms, like VIA UC, use a hosted and cloud-based Skype for Business solution. This means that all you need is an internet connection, a compatible device and the Skype for Business software. No wires, no costly setup fees and no downtime associated with upgrading the infrastructure.

    As a reactive, agile and empowered workforce is more important than ever, we designed VIA UC to support that ethos. Skype for Business runs on multiple operating systems ensuring a consistent experience for users across various devices, where they are working in-house or remotely. VIA’s redundant cloud-based approach protects from downtime associated with hardware failures, and powerful tools ensure employees can be more effective and confident.

  • Skype For Business Benefits

    Why use Skype for Business?

    Skype for Business is a valuable platform for business communications. It’s feature-packed, robust and scales well across any business setup. Here are just some of the reasons why your business should make the switch to Skype for Business;

    Skype for Business Feature List

    • Have seamless conversations through instant messaging, voice chat or video calling

    • Conduct meetings that are protected with industry-level security (integrated with VIA UC)

    • Broadcast webinars to a large audience, perfect for in-house, client or customer training workshops

    • Screencast during a meeting or allow remote control of your screen and device

    • Skype for Business integrates easily with Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook platforms

    • Contacts can have an online presence showing if they are busy, in a meeting or available at their desk

    • Transfer files and documents between team members and business partners instantly

    • Work collaboratively and creatively with virtual whiteboards and PowerPoint integration

    For more information on why you should use Skype for Business, read our Skype for Business Features page.

  • Via Onboarding

    Who can use Skype for Business?

    Anyone. Any business of any size can use Skype for Business as cost and installation is determined by the amounts of employees you have and therefore, the amount of “seats” you need.

    Typical industries that benefit from Skype for Business are:

    For more information on the industries VIA caters for, visit our unified communications benefits page. Alternatively, you can also read our case studies to discover how we’ve already helped an eclectic range of businesses with Skype for Business and their communication needs. 

  • Significant Savings

    How much does Skype for Business cost?

    Standard Skype is commonplace software for many individuals and comes free of charge. Skype for Business, on the other hand, is costed depending on the amount of “seats” your business purchase.

    At VIA, we don’t like to hide our prices. Our Skype for Business solution is just £19.99 per user per month.

    If you’re looking for something more tailored to your needs, we also offer product customisations where different prices are offered depending on the features your business requires.

    For more information on how VIA UC compares to on-premise solutions, view our cost-saving calculator.

Comparison Guides

While Skype for Business isn’t the only unified communications platform available on the market, we consider it to be the best, especially when paired with VIA UC. Read our comparison guides below to discover how Skype for Business compares to other unified communications providers.


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