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Headsets, Devices and Meeting Rooms


Power your communications with the best headsets around.

Unified Communications is changing the game, improving the way you work and collaborate with peers. You no longer need to be chained to a desk in one location to succeed. UC gives you the ability to work remotely, in breakout areas or wherever makes you more efficient.

VIA has partnered with the leading Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams device manufacturers and carefully selected a range of devices for the various User Profiles and Meeting Spaces within your organisation, ensuring you’re equipped to take advantage of UC freedom.

Jabra / Plantronics / Polycom


Choosing the correct audio and video devices is a critical component of any deployment to ensure users leverage all the benefits of a Unified Communications platform. We only promote the necessary equipment, and we don’t work with products we don’t believe in or haven’t tested, so you get the benefit of our expertise when choosing your devices.

The benefits of using Headsets

Moving to Skype for Business and Teams is an opportunity to redefine how users communicate with one another. Headsets come with a host of benefits that will improve productivity, workplace happiness and quality of service.

Hands-free: Headsets allow users to work hands-free, so they can take notes, find files and type on their keyboard while managing a call.

Noise Cancelling: The headsets recommended by VIA all have noise cancelling Microphones for optimum call quality and to block out unwanted background noise. This is a must-have for busy or close-proximity offices, as call quality can suffer otherwise.

Sound Quality: Users can select either a single or dual earpiece headset for comfort and practicality. In addition, headsets are equipped with high-end speakers for crystal clear audio, reducing frustration and confusion during calls.

Freedom: Bluetooth or Wireless headsets eliminates the need for wires, reducing clutter and allowing users to walk around, grab co-workers or write on whiteboards without being tied to a desk.

Health and Safety: Headsets reduce the amount of equipment on a user’s desk, which can help protect from injury. Furthermore, if you are on the phone for more than 30 seconds at a time, they are much more comfortable to use than traditional handsets.

Hot Desking: Using a USB, Bluetooth or Wireless device will provide users with a lot more freedom of where they work. Whether hot-desking in the office, working from home or at another site, a headset is a perfect tool for today’s mobile workforce.

Provisioning Platform: If you choose to implement some IP devices in your organisation they can be provisioned automatically using the VIA IP Provisioning Platform. As soon as you plug your new devices into your network they will contact our provisioning server, download the latest firmware and any specific configuration parameters we have set globally, thereby reducing the time for deployment. We will also keep your devices on the latest version, testing internally first before rolling out any updates remotely.

Flexible and Modern Meeting Spaces

VIA provides solutions for all types of meeting spaces, from small 4-person huddle rooms up to large-scale meeting and presentation areas.

We’ll analyse your room’s requirements and select the device’s and equipment best suited to your needs, that has the best technology to empower your communications.

The right device is often the one that makes efficient use of the meeting space.

Huddle Spaces: Small areas catering for up to 6 users. They should facilitate either local or remote participants within a small space. Share content and video ad-hoc through the addition of a screen.

Meeting Rooms: More traditional meeting spaces with audio and video quality is paramount for any business. Usually catering from 5 users up to 20, it should be easy to share content and collaborate with other meeting rooms or remote parties.

Room Booking: VIA offers simplified room booking using a touchscreen device that integrates with either Office 365 or Exchange room accounts, in order to maximise the utilisation of your meeting spaces.


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