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VIA UC with Skype for Business is an enterprise-ready Unified Communications platform. VIA UC helps you communicate with people worldwide and save on call and meeting costs.

With Skype for Business, users can access a single client for Instant Messaging, voice, video, presence, content sharing, searchable contacts, conferencing, Office integration, screen share and keep track of your contacts’ availability. 

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Skype for Business is built to fully integrate with Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Dynamics CRM. All these features are accessed through a consistent, familiar interface.

Here we go onto explain the core VIA UC Skype for Business features for end users.

To see VIA’s unique features of our Management Portal, including IVRs, call routing and other advanced settings – CLICK HERE.


Workforce Connectivity and Remote Working

VIA allows a workforce to stay continuously connected yet flexible, so there is no disruption as a result of remote working.



Skype inspires Skype for Business. It isn't confusing or complicated and is quickly adopted. Skype has millions of users, and most people already know how to use it without any training or problems.



VIA UC provides enterprise voice capabilities that can truly replace traditional PBX systems. We provide a complete platform for all your voice communication needs. With peer-to-peer calling, PSTN calling, Enterprise Voice features, and robust networking.

PSTN Calling features

Call anyone including landline, mobile or any international numbers directly from Skype for Business.

Anywhere access

Skype for Business is available anywhere there’s Internet access.

Use calling features from a desktop, laptop, or mobile device all without requiring a VPN.

Device Switching

Switch between a headset or speakerphone without interrupting a current call or without placing a call on hold.

Call Handling

Answer a call or have it forwarded to voicemail, a mobile phone, another PSTN number, or to a delegate assigned to answer calls.

Common Phone Features

Common calling features such as answer, forward, transfer (consulted and blind), hold, divert, release and group pick up as standard.

Voicemail to email

Hosted Skype for Business from VIA provides users with Voicemail to Email. A WAV file is attached to an email which is sent to the user’s primary email address so that they can replay voicemails from any device.

Call delegation

Users can delegate call handling to one or more assistants who can perform many tasks on behalf of the user, such as screening inbound calls, placing outbound calls, and initiating conferences.

Team Calling

Simultaneously ring other users within your team to ensure important calls are answered and not missed.

One touch pause

Instantly pause and un-pause all forms of communications when you quickly don't want people to hear or see what you are doing during a conversation.

HD audio as standard

With Skype for Business, the other person feels like they are in the room. Forget "tinny" sounding conversations and hear the other person as if they were stood next to you.

Conferencing & Meeting benefits


VIA UC is one solution for every kind of meeting

Your business can host every kind of meeting and gathering from relaxed, highly interactive collaboration sessions to more formal meetings with thousands of attendees. Audio, video, and web conferencing are combined in one user experience and a unified platform.

Communication is faster and more productive, with the ability to spontaneously schedule online meetings from Outlook or share content from PowerPoint and other business apps. These cost savings and flexible communications give your organisation an edge.

Video Preview

Before you join a video call, make sure you’re camera-ready. You’ll see what you and your surroundings look like before going live.

Call Monitor

Always know who’s talking in a conference. The speaker's name appears on the picture or video stream.

Skype Directory Search - Communicate with everyone

With Skype for Business, you can search for anyone in the Skype directory

Then connect, communicate, and collaborate with everyone: consumers, other businesses, and friends and family — all without sacrificing security.

You can even search by skill or department if you don’t know exactly who you are looking for.


Full Office 365 Integration 

VIA UC’s Skype for Business solution is built to fully integrate with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange SharePoint and Dynamics CRM. CLICK HERE.

Presence Sharing

Know who’s online, where they are, and how to reach them.

Share your presence information between federated contacts. You can set your availability within the app.

You can set your location and Skype for Business remembers the network, so if you’re at home, it will automatically have your location as “home,” which lets my coworkers know where you are.


Integrated Presence 

Integrated presence across all the Microsoft apps you use everyday, so you know exactly how to get in touch with someone and the best time to do it.


Collaboration Features

Imagine being able to work together as though you were sat next to each other, even across continents – that’s VIA UC.

Program or Desktop Sharing Features

Sharing programs or the entire desktop are one click away.

Whiteboards and Polling

Share a common whiteboard or initiate a poll directly from within a Skype for Business Meeting.

Seamless transition to include Video

Transition to a video conversation with just one touch or click from a multi-party IM or audio communication.

Support for High Definition Video

High-definition video and VGA video are supported.

Presence in Microsoft Office

Touch or hover over a user’s presence icon to display a contact card and menu that can be used to initiate a conversation from the application.

Contact Card

View detailed information about a contact using contact cards including rich presence, contact notes, an organisational chart, and supported social networking feeds.


Instant Messaging

Get in touch easily and quickly when a phone call may not be appropriate or achievable.

Conversation History

Keep copies of instant messaging exchanges that include participants, date, and timestamp.

Posting Messages

Skype for Business supports text, images, file posts, hyperlinks, and emoticons in persistent chats.


Your Choice of Client 

Desktop & Mac Client

All your communication requirements are in the Skype for Business desktop client – IMvoicevideopresence and location.

Mobile Clients

Skype for Business and IMvoice, and video is in the palm of your hand, across iOSAndroid, and Windows platforms. Mobile workers can even participate in every meeting.

Web Application

The Skype for Business Web App gives you a browser experience you can access anywhere that includes all the meetings features of the desktop client. Partners and customers who join your meetings get the full functionality too.

Surface Hub

Together, Surface Hub and Skype for Business enable a new kind of meeting.

With one tap, you can join scheduled and ad hoc meetings with HD video and a rich audio experience with intelligent sensorsmicrophones, and built-in dual cameras.


We can recommend a range of state of the art headsets and devices for you. See more on Device Strategy HERE.

Skype Room System – Partners devices

The rich experience of Skype for Business comes to life in the conference room. Skype Room System leverages the capabilities of Skype for Business to communicate and collaborate without borders and barriers.

Combining room-management, flexible-ceiling microphones, video cameras and high fidelity touch, partners make Skype for Business counts in conferences rooms.


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