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Skype for Business Vs GoToMeeting

Discover the difference between Skype for Business and GoToMeeting with our comprehensive comparison guide

With all the features available across various unified communications (UC) platforms, it can be difficult to pick one that will be good for your business. 

This guide looks to break down the advantages and disadvantages that come with installing Skype for Business vs GoToMeeting for your business. Both platforms are feature-packed but there needs to be a winner. 

Running alongside this, our guide also introduces VIA UC, our own cloud-hosted Skype for Business solution, into the comparison, allowing you to make a more informed decision regarding the best UC platform for you business.


GoToMeeting and VIA both offer 24/7 call support, though GoToMeeting’s support staff are based in the US.

Microsoft just offers online support through forums, and support for billing and payments is only available 9-5 Mon-Fri in the UK with Microsoft. 

VIA offers 24/7 UK call support as well as in-person training at your business’s premises. 


With GoToMeeting phasing out its call support and Microsoft having very basic forum support, VIA’s support package is far superior than the competition.


For conference calling, Microsoft’s Skype for Business has a maximum of 250 participants while GoToMeeting has a maximum 100. VIA UC also has a 250 participants capacity, however this can be extended should a customer require it.


All UC platforms offer substantial amount of participants for business conferencing, but if you ever required a large capacity or participants then VIA UC is undoubtedly superior. 

Dial In Conferencing 

All three UC platforms offer dial in capabilities. However, GoToMeeting’s is not fully integrated with dial in.

GoToMeeting lacks security for dial in contacts as they are not considered "a part of your communications system". This also means dial in contacts do not appear on the call list, therefore appear invisible in conference calls, making reporting statistics more difficult.

GoToMeeting will also automatically shut the conference call after 4 hours if only dial in attendees are present.


For full dial in integration, Microsoft’s Skype for Business and VIA UC are better suited for your business needs.

Cloud Advantages 

VIA UC and Skype for Business offer a completely cloud-hosted platform that GoToMeeting does not currently offer. 

VIA can upgrade its customers over one weekend with free cloud updates, whereas Skype for Business may tier their upgrades to larger customers first.


For easier maintenance of services, VIA UC is your ideal solution for swift and free updates.

Feature: Instant Messaging 

Skype for Business and VIA offer integrated instant messaging and chat features native to their communications platforms. 

GoToMeeting, however, does not currently offer a chat feature; an external application like Skype for Business would be needed for staff to instant message each other.


If instant text messaging is something you wish to be implemented alongside conference calls for example, then Skype for Business and VIA UC are clear choices.

Feature: File/Contact Transfer

With Microsoft’s Skype for Business and VIA UC, you can transfer files during calls as well as send contact information across communications. 

Again, GoToMeeting does not have either of these features and it would need to be done externally. 


For transferring files and contacts during conference calls, VIA and Skype for Business are the UC platforms to use. 

Feature: Call Recording

Skype for Business and GoToMeeting both offer simple call recording, but not business-wide recording. VIA UC offers this complete package with recording that is FCA and MIFID II certified. This ensures compliances with the law in industries like the financial sector. 


While the other two UC platforms offer recording capabilities, VIA UC is superior for call recording that requires compliance in accordance to legislation for a complete business communication solution.

Skype for Business Vs GoToMeeting

VIA UC (Hosted Skype for Business)
24/7 Call and Online Support
In-Person Setup Help
Required Server Maintenance On-Premise
Cloud Remote Updates
Advanced Features
User Limits
Advanced Features
Dial In Conferencing
Instant Messaging
File Transfer
Contact Transfer
Call Recording
Microsoft Integration

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