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Skype for Business Vs Jabber

Discover the differences between Skype for Business and Jabber with our comprehensive comparison guide.

Jabber is a voice, video and instant messaging communications platform intended to be used with other services to create a business’s communications network. 

Skype for Business is Microsoft’s packaged unified communications tool. VIA has adapted this platform to be entirely cloud hosted with additional advanced calling features. 

Picking the right communication tool for your business has never been harder as platforms upgrade to make sure they can compete effectively against other tools.

This guide will break down the differences between Skype for Business and Jabber, looking at their features, functionality and advantages. VIA’s Skype for Business platform, VIA UC, will also be considered as it offers more features than any other Skype for Business solution.

Audio Devices

Jabber restricts its users in what audio devices they can use offering limited functionality across a business’s communications.

Skype for Business and VIA UC, on the other hand, offer integration with whichever devices you see fit, such as wireless headsets rather than cord-bound phones. 

Skype for Business and VIA UC also offer integration with desk phones, which is not something that Jabber can offer in their installations.


Jabber’s limited functionality has stopped it from being accessible across many businesses, however Skype for Business and VIA have the advantage of one of the widest amounts of hardware integration in the industry.

Microsoft Integration

Skype for Business, being a Microsoft, product offers easy integration with Microsoft 365 packages, as does VIA’s UC. Jabber, however, has no integrative Microsoft options apart from Outlook and Sharepoint.


For ease of use and integration with existing Microsoft Office products, VIA and Skype for Business are more than capable; Jabber would only be able to perform this function in a limited capacity.


Skype for Business, Jabber and VIA UC are compatible with all operating systems, including Android, Apple’s iOS and Windows. 

However, Jabber will not work with web clients, unlike VIA’s Skype for Business solution. 


Web clients offer quick and easy access to businesses that do not have Skype for Business already installed. Jabber would require extra time and applications, which may require administrative authorisation. This is time that should not be wasted in business communications.


Jabber requires some form of on-premise installation for hardware and servers, whereas VIA’s UC is entirely cloud-hosted, meaning no hardware is necessary. 

Skype for Business is dependent upon which installation you want, with on-premise and hosted solutions available.

Jabber is also mainly a software that comes in addition to other packages, meaning the system is not an all-in-one UC solution. 


Jabber will require the installation of hardware in your business premises and potentially additional maintenance in the future. VIA UC is entirely cloud-based, taking this side of things out of your hands with an external team managing it for you.

Memory and Backup

Due to its hardware capacity, Jabber has memory limits for things like your call recordings, and Skype for Business direct from Microsoft has memory caps even with cloud usage. 

VIA UC offers unlimited recordings and a consistent cloud backup of your business data. 


For unlimited data and secure cloud backup, VIA is the best option. Jabber and Skype for Business offer a limited capacity dependent upon price packages. 


Skype for Business offers Microsoft forum support as its only option. There is not a designated Skype for Business helpline, with all issues dealt with in the forums. 

Jabber only offers online support through forums and emails. 

VIA UC offers a 24/7 call support centre for all issues as well as in-person setup by trained engineers should a business require it. 

In terms of community support, Skype for Business offers its own Microsoft forums and VIA has a dedicated support team online, whereas Jabber lacks a development community. 

This makes integration and ongoing Jabber support for different systems harder and more expensive for Jabber due to the smaller community. 


For support in-person and with a UK call centre, VIA’s Skype for Business platform is undoubtedly superior. Jabber lacks any phone communication, and Microsoft offer the same support for Skype for Business as they would for a problem with Microsoft Word. 

The online communities are also much stronger and better supported in VIA and Microsoft than Jabber.

Call Recording

Skype for Business direct from Microsoft can record audio from calls but this is a limited feature restricted by data, and has to be manually setup in a call. VIA UC offers company wide FCA approved call recording, ideal for businesses with financial restrictions. Jabber offers no in-call recording or more expansive business options.

VIA UC offers FCA and MIFID II approved call recording procedures as well as the standard in-call recording. This extra regulation means businesses in the finance industry, for example, would be able to record business calls within legislative rules. 


If your business requirements include regulated call recording, VIA UC is a firm choice. Jabber would not be sufficient if any type of call recording was required.

Skype for Business Vs Jabber - Who Wins?

VIA UC (Hosted Skype for Business)
24/7 Call Support
On-Premise Maintenance Required
On-Premise Installation Support Required
Third-Party Functionality
Audio Device Choice
Microsoft Office 365 Integration
Advanced Features
Web Client
Unlimited Call Recording
Cloud Backup
Business Call Recording
Instant Messaging
Video Conferencing

With more features than any other Skype for Business platform, VIA UC offers everything you need through bespoke business packages created specifically for your business specifically. 

Jabber is a simple addition to other unified communications packages but will require multiple additional applications that are not all combined in one solution like VIA UC.

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