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Skype for Business Vs Webex

Discover the difference between Skype for Business and Webex with our comprehensive comparison guide.

Webex is a communication platform from Cisco intended for small-scale communications for businesses.

Skype for Business, on the other hand, is Microsoft’s platform for unified communications (UC) and offers more advanced features. 

This is a guide that compares the two communications platforms to help you decide which is more suited to your business. As an additional comparison, we then introduce our hosted Skype for Business solution, VIA UC, to help you to make further informed decisions as to what’s right for your business.

Software Familiarity

Something not to be overlooked is the familiarity and ease of use with Microsoft's product range and UI. This includes Outlook, Word and Excel, as well as the Skype for Business interface itself. 

VIA UC works seamlessly with  Microsoft Office, Outlook and Microsoft Exchange SharePoint.

Webex has its own distinct interface and offers little connectivity with Office products. 


Users may find using Skype for Business is more comfortable and intuitive due to the popularity, familiarity and ease of use presented by Microsoft.

Microsoft Office 365 Integration

Due to the nature of Skype for Business being a Microsoft product, it easily integrates with Office 365, as does VIA UC. However, if you use Skype for Business direct from Microsoft, you are forced to use a premium Office 365 plan. You do not need to have an Office 365 account with VIA UC.

Webex does not have integration functionality with Office 365 at any level.


For ease of integration, Microsoft’s Skype for Business and VIA UC especially offer more functionality over Webex outright.


Webex can connect to all phones and operating systems apart from Windows phones. Skype for Business and VIA UC, on the other hand, offer compatibility with all operating platforms.


Webex could mean a business which has Windows phones as its choice of contact will not have mobile access. Skype for Business and VIA UC offer total cross-device compatibility and at no extra cost.

User Limits

Webex has a user limit of 100 seats in its maximum capacity for conference calls. Skype for Business has a capacity of 250 per meeting, regardless of access through web application, mobile or dial in for example.

VIA UC also hold meetings at 250, however this can be extended should a business require it. Previously, VIA has created a solution for meetings of 600+ people.


For larger companies, or those that are growing, Webex would not be suitable due to its number restrictions. VIA UC is undoubtedly the best Skype for Business platform when focusing on UC platforms as it can scale in accordance to your business’s growth strategy.

24/7 Support

Skype for Business direct from Microsoft offers just forum-based support. This is the type of support you would get if you had a Microsoft Word issue, for example, and is arguably not suitable for a larger business.

VIA offers UK-based 24/7 support, in addition to supporting the setup and training of the UC in-person at the business. 

Webex has online support but no live phone support.


VIA offers total support from start to finish. However, Microsoft offers 24/7 call centre support (with minimal technical support) while Webex only offers an online alternative without live call contact.

Features: Dialling In and Out

With Webex you can dial into meetings on the standard package, however, you will need pay £35 extra a month if you want dialing out functionality.

Dialing in and out are standard features for VIA UC. With Skype for Business direct from Microsoft, you need to subscribe to an extra cost called Microsoft Phone Systems to enable calling.

VIA offers the cheapest complete UC dialing solution.


If a business requires dialing out as a feature, Skype for Business and adapted platforms like VIA UC would be far more suitable. 

Features: Instant Messaging

Webex is designed to accompany another application that could provide instant messaging services. 

Microsoft Skype for Business and VIA UC both have instant messaging integrated into their one platform without the need for secondary external software.


For ease of access, Skype for Business and VIA offer instant messaging in the one unified communications platform. Webex lacks this functionality in all its packages. 

Features: Remote Working 

An advantage to cloud-based technologies is the use of telephony in remote working.

Skype for Business and VIA UC offer this, with VIA offering PSTN as standard, to allow remote workers to be a part of the business communication network regardless of location. Skype for Business requires extra packages as part of their enterprise solutions for such features.

Again, Webex does not offer any form of telephony.


This is not considered a modern innovation today and Webex lacking this functionality means businesses are performing themselves a disservice, and not allowing slim-lined communication across all their employees.

Features: Call Recording

Both Microsoft Skype for Business and Webex have call recording software built-in. 

However, VIA offers FCA and MIFID II EU approved call recording, ideal for sectors like legal and financial where legislation is particularly stringent. Skype for Business’s call recording is restricted to recording sections within an ongoing call, making it an inconvenience if all aspects of communication need to be recorded.


VIA UC offers unlimited data storage with unlimited call recordings, which may be limited by other Skype for Business providers. 

Features: Multi-Channel Communication

Customers like to be able to choose how to communicate with businesses. Features like instant messaging, telephony, and online communication allow customers to get in touch at their convenience. 

Microsoft’s Skype for Business and VIA UC cover all of these areas in their unified communications package, however Webex does not have this as a feature in its packages. 


To communicate via different methods and channels, Webex is not suitable communications platform.

Skype for Business Vs Webex - Who Wins?

VIA UC (Hosted Skype for Business)
24/7 Support
Third-party Integrations
Microsoft Familiarity
Office 365 Integration
Multi-Device Compatibility
Advanced Features
User Limits
Dialling in and out
Instant Messaging
Computer Telephony
Business Standard Call Recording
Multi-Channel Communication

For Webex’s top pricing plan where you still get 150 seats less per meeting than VIA, it will cost you £30 more than VIA. For a complete telephony option in a complete functioning UC solution, VIA is undoubtedly more cost effective solution and will support you every step of the way.

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