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Unified Communications Benefits

The industry and business benefits of a unified communications platform are difficult to ignore. Aside from making communications easier (a challenge in all industries), UC can also lead to increase productivity, profitably and efficiency too.

The cloud-based benefits of unified communications are that it's provided as a service rather than a physical asset, or “box”, on your P&L. This means far less financial risk than if you were to invest in an old style, cumbersome piece of on-premise equipment.

VIA, part of the Wavenet Group has created VIA UC and VIA Contact Centre with Skype for Business and Teams to capitalise on all of these business benefits and more. By Incorporating Skype for Business & Teams, VIA’s products offer you a complete communications solution to benefit businesses of any shape or size. Find out more about the specific benefits by industry below, or book a free demo to find out how VIA can benefit your business.

UC for Call Centres

Benefits for Call Centres

Call Centres relying on physical hardware to meet the demand of their busy inbound and outbound call commitments are falling increasingly behind the times. With VIA Contact Centre, the hosted contact centre solution designed specifically for call centres, VIA offers this sector of customer service with a more modern and efficient customer contact solution.

UC for Contact Centres

UC for the Financial Services

Benefits for Financial Services

VIA UC offers a secure, full FCA and MiFiD II compliant unified communications platform for financial services businesses. VIA Trade was built for trading companies and provides hosted secure voice on a turret. We can provide better customer service, connect your teams and improve training capabilities. VIA offers 24/7 support and is trusted within financial organisations globally.

UC for Financial

UC for Law Firms

Benefits for Law Firms

Improve communications within your firm and across multiple locations with UC for law firms. Legal professionals recognise the value of strong relationships and trust, which is gained through effective communications with clients.

UC for Law Firms

UC for Charities

Benefits for Charities

The third sector is often reliant upon volunteers who work alongside employees to provide the services required by their benefactors. UC makes it easier for those teams to work together, whether they’re based in one building or working remotely. Plus, UC can save you money, reducing wasted spend and protecting your funds for the things that really matter.

UC for Charities

UC for IT Firms and Technology Businesses

Benefits for IT Firms and Technology Businesses

UC helps IT companies with advanced call centre solutions. VIA UC is a cloud-based solution, offering the very latest features in unified communications allowing your organisation to be more agile and effective. UC helps technology businesses that have remote and workers flexible workers that need to be connected to the office like any other member of staff.

UC for the technology sector

UC for Education

Benefits for Education

The education sector is one where spend is monitored closely and no penny can be wasted in the pursuit of the best possible service for students and their parents. Unified communications is a great way to reduce the costs associated with your existing telephony platforms, whilst also making for more effective communications and faster responses.

UC for Education

UC for the recruitment industry

Benefits for Recruitment

Recruitment agents recognise the value of the relationships they build with candidates and employers. Whether someone is looking for a new job or recruiting for a position, they want to know they can trust in their agency. Skype for Business & Teams also makes it easy to speak to candidates via video call to ensure your selection processes are efficient and streamlined.

UC for Recruitment

UC for the recruitment industry

Benefits for Retail

Unified communications for retail is all about improving customer services, increasing efficiency and encouraging more sales in the process. An investment in UC and Contact Centre for retailers can mean more effective employees and therefore a tangible impact on your bottom line, too.

UC for Retail

UC for the recruitment industry

Benefits for Healthcare

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are under pressure constantly to improve communications for increased efficiency. But those communications cannot be rushed; an incorrect interpretation of a message can have catastrophic consequences, where the effective communication of a message can make a hugely positive difference to a patient’s case.

UC for Healthcare

UC for the recruitment industry

Benefits for Small Businesses/SMEs

Any business owner, no matter what size their business or what industry they operate in, will appreciate the value of solid communications systems. Keeping all comms on one platform makes it easier to stay in touch, collaborate and be productive. Our cloud-based solution offers the most viable financial option for this too, making an investment in UC more logical than ever before.

UC for Small Businesses


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