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Unified Communications for Schools

Unified communications, for schools especially, is helping to facilitate better communication and collaboration - and better support for students and parents as a result.

VIA is trusted by some of the top Education facilities in the country as well as industry bodies and technology providers. VIA UC helps modernise communications and reduce costs, replacing the need for a traditional telephone network.

As it’s a fully managed service with no equipment on site we can deploy extremely quickly with minimal disruption. The extensive feature set of Skype for Business has many benefits to educational facilities such as screen sharing, whiteboarding and video conferencing.

Benefits of unified communications for schools

The education sector has embraced digital technologies in recent years. Today, internet enabled whiteboards make it possible for teachers to enhance their lessons and explore topics in greater detail than ever before. Students and pupils benefit from internet use to support their personal learning.

In such a digital age, many schools and also recognising the benefit of cloud-based communications like VIA UC.

Rather than spending money on cumbersome, often outdated telephone systems, schools are instead choosing to invest in a UC solution that makes bring all their communications into one place. Telephone, email, instant messaging, video and more can all be managed on one platform.

How does this help teachers and other education professionals?

By creating a one-platform communications solution, schools make it easier for their teams to collaborate and to find the right point of contact. Whether you’re dealing with a pressing student issue or simply seeking the right person to get you a resource you need, UC makes finding and talking to that person easier.

Cost efficiencies of unified communications

The education sector is accountable for every penny spent in the provision of their services. Avoid wasted spend and make a tangible impact on your costs with UC.

Instead of spending money on lots of different systems, schools can bring all those comms onto one platform - which means one bill, one cost. Because VIA UC is a cloud-based solution, there’s no hefty equipment or costs associated with installing that equipment. Instead, we’ll get you set up quickly and integrate VIA UC with your existing tools too - meaning very little downtime and easy take up among your teams.

To find out more about how UC can benefit schools, book a demo today.

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