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Unified communications for hospitals

Unified communications for hospitals is part of the healthcare profession’s move toward a more unified, streamlined approach all round.

By investing in unified communications for hospitals, healthcare professionals can expect improved efficiency and therefore more time to focus on the thing that matters most; their patients.

Good communication, though essential to any industry, is even more important to healthcare, where a misinterpreted or delayed communication could mean ramifications for the patient. VIA UC is the ideal unified communications solution for the healthcare industry because we provide a cloud-based platform that integrates seamlessly with your existing platforms. Book a demo, or read on to learn more.

Streamlining communications in modern healthcare

Healthcare today is undergoing a transformation. Hospitals are transitioning to electronic health records (EHR), which has huge benefits to the way healthcare professionals work and for patient care, too.

It also means a lot more information is communicated between hospitals and surgeries. It means today’s healthcare communications systems have to be more resilient than ever.

Unified communications is the platform that brings together all of your communications in one place - including email, telephone, instant messaging and video. It gives healthcare professionals the power to communicate quickly, efficiently and without wasting precious patient care time.

Security in unified communications

Another key concern for the healthcare industry is security.

Patient information must be protected. That’s why a unified communications system is such an important upgrade for hospitals and surgeries. By putting all communications on on cloud-based platform, everything can be audited and therefore protected.

Protecting resources

One of the biggest challenges faced by the healthcare profession today is resourcing. As the talent pipeline struggles to meet demand, doctors, nurses and hospital staff are dealing with increasingly challenging workloads.

Unified communications for hospitals gives healthcare professionals the power to reduce their communications workload, by making communications easier and faster.

Get through to the right person, first time, with UC. Then action important tasks quickly through the integration of communication tools - which easily integrates with existing systems.

Find out more about VIA UC here , or book a demo today to learn how it could help you.

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