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Unified Communications for Law Firms

Unified communications, for law firms in particular, is a valuable asset in the improvement of client service and team collaboration.

VIA’s unique visual management portal provides the perfect platform to set up efficient call routing, often managing multiple offices and users from a single interface. It also provides detailed call records which make it easy to allocate time spent dealing with various clients.

VIA provide on-hold marketing services such as professional narration and auto-attendant features which are important in positive first impressions.

Benefits of unified communications for law firms

Law is an industry in which relationships matter. Clients often cite strong relationships as a key driver for their custom with a law firm, where trust is essential.

In order to instil that trust, legal professionals recognise the value of good communication. Many legal firms have already invested in UC as a tool for improved communication and a facilitator of collaboration.

When we operate in silos, we are less well equipped to find the answers our clients need. UC removes those silos, empowering legal teams to work better together. 

Communications across firms

One of the major communication challenges faced by law firms today is that of multiple offices or remote working.

Having multiple business locations and people out on the road is a great thing for legal businesses. It makes it possible for them to have a presence across the country and to build those all important relationships with new and existing clients.

But having colleagues based in different places is a growing issue for law firms. Unified communications makes cross-location communications more efficient that traditional PBX - meaning colleagues are better positioned to work together and to service their clients.

Secure communications for law firms

Another key consideration for legal firms is the matter of security. VIA UC is fully ISO27001 compliant and offers 24/7 support. You can be assured of the security of your communications, and therefore the protection of information, when you invest in UC from VIA.

To find out more about how UC can benefit your law firm, book a demo today.

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