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Unified Communications for Recruitment

Unified communications for recruitment is an invaluable solution for agencies seeking to improve productivity, efficiency and collaboration. Communication is the lifeblood of any recruitment business and VIA UC not only makes it easier for your agents to contact customers but also for your customers to reach out to you.

Your agents have one number across all their devices so they never miss an important call. VIA’s sophisticated call routing platform ensures calls are directed to the correct place quickly while providing a very professional image of your business.

The tools within Skype for Business increase the productivity of agents with simple click to call functionality and collaboration features such as conferencing and screen sharing.

Give your agents the freedom to perform with the very latest wireless headsets, meaning they can use their computer or get up and walk around while on a call. Record your calls for training purposes and view detailed statistics from within the online management portal in order to analyse your team’s performance.

Benefits of unified communications for recruitment agencies

Recruitment is an industry where relationships matter. It’s also an industry that relies on the efficiency of its agents to make quick decisions and to connect people efficiently. When the right candidate comes along, it’s important to connect with them quickly, to avoid missing out!

VIA UC is a unified communications solution that brings together all of your communication needs into one place. In an industry where responsiveness is key, UC empowers your agents to contact the right person at the right time, from anywhere.

UC makes recruitment more agile than ever before. Your agents have one number across devices, making them an easy point of contact for employers and candidates. This approach also makes it easier for your teams to work together, knowing they can reach each other through email, IM, video and telephone at the click of a button.

With Skype for Business you can video call potential candidates for screening interviews to help streamline the process of selecting suitable candidates.

Your UC platform, managed through a central management platform, also makes it possible to record communications and therefore to keep a better record of candidates and employers. Avoid contacting the wrong person or pitching the wrong job, with clear comms records.

Benefits of UC for candidates and employers

As all recruitment agencies will appreciate, the relationships built between the recruiter and the employer/candidate are at the core of a successful transaction.

Whether the person is looking for a new job, or recruiting for a position, they want to know their requirements are in safe hands. That means they want to be able to speak to the same person and to be able to reach that person quickly, when they need them.

Unified communications facilitates this relationship. By creating a one-number system, employers and candidates can rest assured that they’ll reach you - whether you’re in the office or out in the field. It also means you can keep a succinct record of all of those communications, giving you the ability to portray a version personal approach, driven by a strong knowledge of your contact.

To find out how unified communications can benefit recruitment agencies, book a demo today.

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