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Office 365 Integration

Office 365 has many benefits when integrated into Skype for Business & MS Teams

Office 365 Benefits

A significant advantage of VIA’s Skype for Business & MS Teams products is the seamless integration into Microsoft Office 365. Users gain productivity features they wouldn’t get with a non-Skype for Business & Teams telephone system.

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Be Connected Everywhere

As VIA’s and Microsoft’s infrastructure is in the Cloud, staff can be connected across Microsoft products wherever they are working in the world.

Audio, video and web are integrated, simplified and widely available across multiple devices and platforms. With Office 365, people can add new ideas, review any part of a conversation, or get to meeting content from wherever they may be.

Seamless Integration

Know who’s online, where they are, and how to reach them with Presence

Before you contact a colleague, are you aware of their availability instantly? With Skype for Business & Teams, you can quickly see who is busy, in a meeting, on the phone or available. All you need to do is look at the client and see their Presence information. Presence information lets you choose the best way to contact someone depending on their status. For example:

  • Busy – send them an IM if you have an urgent question
  • Away – tag them for status change so you can reach them when they return
  • Offline – call them on their mobile directly from Skype for Business & Teams
  • Do Not Disturb – send them a voicemail message with interrupting them

Presence is a series of simple traffic light colours assigned to each individual showing their status. When staff are on calls or in meetings, the status of the person will turn red showing other people that they are unavailable. With Outlook calendar integration, as soon as you enter a meeting your status will change your status to busy/red and when the meeting is finished it will change back to green/available automatically.

Presence cuts down on unnecessary calls and lets people use other options such as Instant Messaging to contact their colleagues.

Other options include the ability to manually change your availability and set your location visibly - so colleagues know you are out of the office.

Set your availability within the app. It’s easy to see who’s available to chat or in a meeting


Your colleagues now know if you are available or in a phone call or a meeting.


Time is not wasted trying to contact colleagues who are not available.


Full integration across Microsoft’s Products

VIA UC’s Skype for Business & Teams solution is built to fully integrate with Microsoft Office, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange SharePoint and Dynamics CRM.

Office 365 Communication, is faster and more productive, with the ability to spontaneously schedule online meetings from Outlook or share content from PowerPoint and other business apps.

Outlook Calendars directly integrate with the client, so you can see through presence who is available. You can also book Skype meetings so when the meeting takes place you use one link or number to enter the conference directly.

Federated Contacts

All external as well as internal contacts are available through the client and integrated across Office 365, so all your contacts are easy accessible in one place.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

VIA offers SSO so there are only one set of credentials for logging on VIA and Microsoft products. SSO helps IT Managers manage staff easier and users only have to remember one set of log on details. Importantly SSO provides enhanced security across your Office 365 applications.

Voicemail to email

Hosted Skype for Business from VIA provides users with Voicemail to an Office 365 Email Inbox. A WAV file is attached to an email which is sent to the user’s primary email address so that they can replay voicemails from any device.

Don’t have Office 365?

Don’t worry, VIA UC and Contact Centre works completely independently with a host of advanced features that means you can enjoy the benefits of UC even without a Microsoft product.


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