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On Hold Marketing

Professional Voice Messages. The finishing touch to your new system from VIA

On Hold Marketing And Recording

Calling a company who has recorded their own poor quality messages in the office, with chatter in the background, and stumbling over words gives callers a bad first impression. With the best will in the world, unless you are a professional voice over artist, you won’t sound like one.

Recording with a professional voiceover will improve your customer’s experience, greeting them with an overview of your company, efficiently directing their call through your auto-attendant message and ultimately providing some entertainment whilst your customer is placed on hold. You’re completely in control of how your system sounds to make the most of it.

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What are the benefits?


All messages are recorded using a professional voiceover, we have a lot to choose from too, from regional and world voices to those categorised by tone and suitability to corporate companies or a warmer welcome.

Reduces Call Abandonment 

Research has shown that callers who have something to listen to whilst they are waiting on hold are less likely to hang up. Providing your customers with upbeat, modern music and smooth and friendly messages certainly beats silence or beeps and ensures your customer’s experience is seamless, from dialling your company to putting the phone down. Implementing an IVR menu could help to direct a customer’s call to the most appropriate department, so their call isn’t sat in a queue to the wrong place. 


What better way to effectively promote your offers and services, company news or updates than by including on hold marketing whilst your customer is on hold and you have their undivided attention? These messages aren’t a pushy hard-sell, they’re a conversation prompt for when the call is connected. Promote offers that can be purchased over the phone as well as new products and services. On Hold Messages highlight all the benefits of using your company, and reassure your caller that they’re dealing with a professional, trustworthy company. 


Although you might not be connected to a real person straight away, on hold messages give your company the chance to build a relationship with a caller before they’re even connected. You might even be able to answer your callers query through a message, or direct them to other suitable points of contact, driving traffic to your website or social media while they’re on hold.

What types of messages are available?

Welcome Message

Exactly what it says on the tin, a warm and welcoming message that is simple but effective and lets your customer know that their call is being connected. 

Example Welcome Message

Welcome to VIA, were connecting you to a member of the team now.

Auto Attendant Message

Similar to a welcome message, this will greet your customers but will also allow you to present them with several clear options to help their call to be better directed, reducing unnecessary waiting on the line. Once they’ve made their selection, their call will be directed to the most appropriate department.

Example Auto Attendant Message: 

Welcome to Via. So we can connect you to the correct department please choose from the following 3 options.

For sales press 1

For support press 2

And for accounts press 3

Busy Message

If a caller is waiting on hold for a long period of time, a busy message can reassure customers that they’re still waiting in the queue but it’s also an opportunity to encourage them to leave a message if a call goes unanswered during office hours. Advising customers of the best times to call is also helpful and could reduce an influx of calls when you know your company experiences busy periods.

Example Busy Message:

Thanks for calling VIA, all the team are on other calls at the moment, please leave a message after the tone and we’ll return your call as soon as possible. 

Out of Hours Message

When your office is closed an Out of Hours message will inform the customer, you could include opening hours here or an alternative means of getting in touch.

Example Out of Hours Message:

Thanks for calling VIA, our offices are currently closed. We’re here between 9 and 5:30 Monday to Friday. Please leave a message after the tone and we’ll return your call the next working day. Alternatively you can email hello at Join VIA dot com. Thanks for calling. 

On Hold Marketing

Once your customer has navigated your auto-attendant or welcome message they’ll be placed on hold waiting until an advisor is available. This is the perfect opportunity to promote your company! Messages could be about products and services, to tell your customers about your accreditations and awards, new offers, opening hours, location, social media, the list is endless. On Hold Messages should be informative and entertaining and are the perfect opportunity to build a relationship with your customer before they’re connected!

Complete package 

We have a number of packages available from simple Auto Attendant and Out of Hour Messages through to complete branding packages that include messages for every eventuality and On Hold Audio. 

Complete control

There’s no other form of marketing that you have complete control of and gives you the opportunity to speak to clients one to one. You have complete control over what customers hear so take the opportunity to build your brand, whilst strengthening your relationship with callers. 

Contact one of the team today for more information and to arrange your free audio demo. 

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