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Voice Recording

Choose between standard or FCA MiFID II voice recording.

Voice Recording

We know the pressures and compliance issues that modern businesses encounter in their daily operations.

There are lots of different reasons why you might want to record your calls, whether it’s for training and dispute resolution or regulation purposes we have the solutions to meet your needs. We offer two levels of call recording based on market-leading technology with customer’s requirements at the forefront of all features.

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VIA Voice Recording

The performance of contact centre staff is essential when providing key communications to your customers. Customer loyalty is vital and raising service levels can make the difference on how the public perceives your business.

We will store all calls securely online for 60 days without any onsite setup or configuration. The web portal provides user-friendly and instant access to calls with all the features you’d expect to be able to replay, tag and even export.

  • Monitor call quality.
  • Observe customer interactions.
  • See what customers think of your company.
  • Identify coaching and training opportunities for your staff.
  • Investigate and resolve customer complaints quickly and efficiently.
  • 60-day storage for all calls.
  • Additional storage can be provided if required.
  • Search and find records within seconds.
  • All Skype for Business instant messages recorded if required.

VIA FCA & MiFID II Voice Recording

Financial organisations know the importance of keeping their systems compliant and up to date. We provide a Financial Conduct Authority and MiFID II compliant Voice Recording system with best practice at its core. You have the ability to use compliant voice recording across your entire VIA Skype for Business services as well as all trader voice and turret communications.

We provide 7-years of online storage with instant access through the web portal. No onsite equipment is necessary and can be enabled within seconds. All standard Voice Recording features are included as well as the ability to:

  • Provide auditors with data requests.
  • Monitor financial and trading activity.
  • Analyse all company voice activity.
  • 7-years of compliant storage.
  • Search and find records within seconds.
  • Voice platform based on highly secure and robust infrastructure.

Voice / Call Marketing

We can help plan and record any IVR or on-hold message you may have.

WORM Storage

Write Once Read Many (WORM) storage can be provided as an optional extra for long-term recording if your compliance environment requires it. VIA has developed our own WORM storage environment to ensure data cannot, at the disk and application level, be overwritten or deleted. Please speak to your account management team for a demo or to find out more information.


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