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VIA Connect

Dedicated Voice & Video Connection

VIA Connect is VIA’s dedicated internet connection that lets customers have an exclusive network for all communications with unrivalled levels of security and resiliency.


VIA Internet

Operations do not always have the secure and speedy internet connections their operations require. This is where we can help. VIA provide internet services for customers based on BT, Colt and Virgin leased lines. Customers can choose the bandwidth they require from single or resilient connections, all fully managed by the VIA support team.

VIA Connect

Delivering crystal clear voice and video traffic is extremely important for any Skype for Business & MS Teams deployment. For customers who require piece of mind and guaranteed levels of up time and quality, VIA provide VIA Connect. With VIA Connect we setup a direct and exclusive network that connects VIA’s services with your organisation. All your Skype for Business & MS Teams communications flow from us to you, speedily & securely and without touching any public infrastructure.

With our end-to-end Quality of Service, we ensure unrivalled levels of security and resiliency that our customers require. The connection is solely integrated into VIA’s Cloud platform to provide guaranteed up-time for customers, with a financially backed SLA.

It’s easy to connect many ways, and we support Data Centre Cross-Connect, On-site VIA Connect & Twilio Connect.


Unrivalled Security

As the link is direct between your and our equipment, your Voice and Video traffic never touches the public Internet.

Quality of Service

VIA Connect is used solely for Voice & Video. DSCP values are set throughout the network to ensure end-to-end quality of service.

Fully Managed Service

We take care of the installation and management of the routers throughout the life-cycle of the product.

Built on the VIA backbone

VIA Connect is built on top of the VIA 10Gbe backbone, providing previous unparalleled data speeds to businesses.

99.9% Financially backed SLA

With a financially backed guarantee, we are confident in our solution to provide the highest level of reliability in the market.

Flexible Contracts

VIA offer flexible contracts for all our services with a minimum term of 1 year upwards.


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