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  • Fast Start Up

    Simple Setup

    Because VIA Contact Centre is hosted, it’s a lot quicker to get up and running than expensive in-house PBX systems. Our unique management portal makes it easy to configure the system the way you want, as well as make changes such as adding more resources or changing the way calls are handled. With free 24-hour support and free upgrades for life, we’re here to help you through setup and beyond. 

  • Office 365

    Future Proof - Skype For Business Benefits

    Businesses change and grow all the time. We understand this, so we’ve created VIA Contact Centre to grow with you. It can be easily scaled from one to thousands of seats, without downtime or system upgrades. 

    It has all the Skype for Business and integrates perfectly with VIA UC and office 365 so you benefit from all product updates.

  • Ivr

    Interactive Voice Response

    Interactive voice response (IVR) messages let you direct callers to different areas of the business without going through the switchboard. How to set that up? Our unique management portal maps out your system on screen, so call routing – even for the most complex systems – is as easy as a few clicks. 

  • Voice Recording

    Call Recording

    For many companies recording calls is a regulatory requirement. For others, it’s a valuable way to train agents and highlight best practice. 

    VIA Contact Centre lets you record all calls to and from the contact centre, download the recordings instantly and store them for as long as you need – from one month to 10 years. We can also provide FCA-compliant call recording if needed.

  • Efficient Working

    Smart Agent Selection™

    Unique to VIA, Smart Agent Selection™ (SAS) is a clever algorithm created to help you use your contact centre resources more efficiently. It directs calls to the agents who have the skills to deal with them, meaning you reduce call waiting times, resolve more calls first time and improve customer satisfaction. 

  • Data Query

    VIA Data Query

    VIA Contact Centre gives you direct access to your data, so you can create your own reports to monitor the effectiveness of your contact centre. Reports show who’s answering what calls, how quickly they’re doing it and how long customers are waiting, helping you boost efficiencies and identify ways to deliver a better customer experience.

  • Flexible Working

    Flexible Working

    Our hosted contact centre solution means agents can log in and work from anywhere, while managers are able to view and monitor their performance in real time. 

  • Handy Features

    More Features

    Additional Features Include:

    • Full VIA UC Features
    • Full Management Portal Features
    • Target Messaging 
    • Wall Boards - Real-time Monitoring
    • Direct Dial in
    • Configure outbound caller ID
    • Click to call from any CRM
    • Enhanced security
    • FCA Compliant Call Recording

We Don't Hide Our Prices

Includes FREE calls to UK landline and mobile.
Mobile calls limited to 2000 minutes per user per month.

£29.99 user / month

Customise your Product

  • Add Conferencing for £4.99 user/month

  • Add Call Recording for £9.99 user/month

  • Add FCA Compliant for £14.99 user/month

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£???.?? total / month
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