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Featuring real-time wallboards, skills based routing, CRM integration, call queuing and call recording, VIA Contact Centre is the most advanced call centre telephony product based on Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams.

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VIA Contact Centre has many leading features that help any sized call centre run efficiently. Not only do you get all the unified communication benefits of VIA UC but all the following features.

Agent Dashboard with CRM Integration

VIA’s Agent Dashboard is perfect for helping contact centre agents manage their calls more efficiently and deal with customers quickly. Agents can instantly see the customer’s call details and their incoming call route, so they can quickly deal with queries.

Agent Dashboard incorporates CRM integration with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics amongst other CRMs. This saves time and improves customer experience as customer information is instantly available to agents.

When a customer call is picked up by agent, the agent can instantly see customer preview information and a link on the dashboard. Upon clicking the link, the agent is taken straight to the customer card of their CMS.

Our customers have seen a significant decrease in Average Handle Time when using this Dashboard.

Please see the screenshot below of out Agent Dashboard with screen popping into Microsoft Dynamics.

Dynamics Crm

Click to Call

As VIA Contact Centre is based on Skype for Business & Teams, it provides click-to-call functionality from any CRM, saving your agents valuable time and increasing productivity.

Improved Call Queuing with Skills-based Routing

Connect callers with the most appropriate agent every time, using skills-based routing and VIA’s unique feature Smart Agent Selection (SAS). By putting callers through to the most-skilled agents quickly, SAS increases first-call resolution rates, reduces costs and improves customer satisfaction.

You can route calls to agents based on their skill level (out of 100), activity level and availability. You can also prioritise customers or calls, putting them at the top of the queue or

Supervisor Dashboard

This dashboard shows managers a single view of call centre activity. In one live-view you can see which agents are available, who is on active calls, wrapping up and all incoming queued calls. You can see the queue volumes in the contact centre in terms of numbers and average wait time.

This feature is essential for any manager who needs to keep track of essential contact centre activity on a regular basis.

Wall Boards - Real-time monitoring

See how your contact centre is performing by viewing real-time wall boards. View visual metrics such as:

  • Agents Available
  • Call Answered
  • Calls Not Answered
  • Calls Abandoned
  • Active Calls
  • Queued Calls
  • Average Queue Time
  • Longest Call Waiting

Call Routing and IVR

As you get all the benefits of VIA UC, you get all of the call routing and reports features. Click to see more

Other Features

Target messaging

VIA Contact Centre helps to reduce waiting time for callers and direct them to the most appropriate agent. But if they do need to queue, you have the option of playing them a useful message while they wait.

Direct dial in

Need to build a relationship with certain customers? There’s the option for agents to give callers their unique DDI. These calls would bypass any queue and allow the customer to speak with the right agent straight away – improving call resolution rates and keeping satisfaction levels high.

Configure outbound caller ID

Use the management portal to change outbound caller IDs. This function can be used to increase the number of calls answered by the contact centre as well as to prevent unwanted calls going directly to agents.

Enhanced security

Connect with your customers in confidence, anywhere you are. All calls are encrypted so you’re getting the highest possible level of security.

VIA Data Query

VIA Data Query shows you how you’re using unified communications. It shows all interactions including voice call, instant messaging, video calls and data sharing, helping you understand usage across the organisation and get the very best out of the system. We’ve also created off-the-shelf tools to import this data to external systems such as SQL, Excel, PowerBI and external CRMs.


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