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  • See VIA Trade in Action

    See our case study on how VIA revolutionised Walbrook Capital's communications by implementing VIA Trade.

  • Significant Savings

    Significant Savings

    Traditional in-house voice trading systems are expensive, impossible to scale on demand and costly to maintain. VIA Trade puts a stop to all that. By using VIA’s cloud infrastructure, you can significantly reduce your on-site hardware and connectivity costs. Updates are free and happen remotely, reducing the need for engineer visits, and there’s zero maintenance. 

  • Read Same Day

    Ready the Same Day

    Like you, we find downtime infuriating. Because VIA Trade is a cloud-hosted service, there’s no extra equipment or engineering costs. And as it’s a standalone offering, it doesn’t need to be integrated with any of your existing systems. All of which means you’ll be up and running within a day. Need help making the most of the system? We also offer full training and support as part of our managed service.

  • Secure Compliant

    Secure And Compliant Voice Platform

    VIA Trade is developed to be the most resilient, stable and secure voice system in the Financial Trading sector. Our dedicated connection means you get the highest level of security from the first day of use. VIA Trade is ideal for secure Private Wire and Stock Exchange (STX) integration and fully compliant with FCA MiFID II rules. All recordings are encrypted and securely stored, letting you access up to seven years of voice recordings in an instant. Our industry leading uptime and a financially, backed SLA gives customers the confidence to move to Trader Voice Platform. 

  • Via I Turret

    Works with iTurret

    VIA Trade is built to be used with the Speakerbus iTurret. This market-leading hardware offers full functionality for trading professionals, along with the scalability your business needs. 

    Features include:

    • Intuitive navigation, displays and one-touch operation, for greater productivity 
    • Quality speakers and low-latency microphones 
    • Eight speaker channels, with the option to upgrade to 32 
    • Up to 10 voice calls at any one time per turret, with no overall limit per customer 
    • Two handsets, optional headset and a gooseneck microphone 
    • Speed dials 
    • Intercom and hoots
  • Portal

    Intuitive Control Portal

    The simple web-based management portal lets you manage all turrets and user profiles. It allows traders to keep all their settings when hot-desking or using a new turret, and lets you access and control the system from remote locations – ideal for business continuity plans.

  • Support

    Service and Support

    What makes us different is that we are a truly managed solution. We offer Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), and we take our service very seriously. From initial conversations to the implementation of your solution we ensure that a premium service is built into every level of delivery.

  • Voice Recording

    Voice Recording

    For many companies recording calls is a regulatory requirement. For others, it’s a valuable way to train agents and highlight best practice. VIA Contact Centre lets you record all calls to and from the contact centre, download the recordings instantly and store them for as long as you need – from one month to 10 years. We can also provide FCA-compliant call recording if needed.


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